Yuki Aditya ( from ARKIPEL):
ARKIPEL Award is given to the best film in general that, based on jury’s view, has the highest artistic achievement and a potential power to give meanings to its contextual perspective choice. By the content, all those aspects through the film’s visual expression should be successful in offering a new representation of our contemporary world view as a challenging discourse for the general view over a certain situation revealed by the subject matter. The best film in this category particularly can be considered as representing ARKIPEL’s statement concerning the values offered by the passion and reason of a spirit of the time, becoming an inspiration for aesthetic creations about the world that on the one hand is approved of and on the other hand demands definition and re-definition.

Ronny Agustinus on The Fly Misery of Quame Nyantakyi:

‘A depiction of humanity in its darkest niche. But oddly enough, presented in joy, extraordinary playfulness until it reaches the point of dark and sarcastic madness. Playfulness is not only present in the composition of narratives, but is also embodied in the formation of subjects. He is not only questioning about what is serious and playful, but broader than that, about what is real and which one is cinema.
A non-romantic homage to the power of Sensuality, one film in this year ARKIPEL takes us to an unusual spiritual journey. With an affective understanding of our current time, it sheds light on the urgency of play in manouvering societal structures and taboos.’

Our selection for the ARKIPEL Award of this year is The Fly Misery of Quame Nyantakyi from Netherlands by the director Jan Willem van Dam.
The Arkipel jury:
HAFIZ RANCAJALE (Indonesia), artist, filmmaker, curator, and co-founder of Forum Lenteng.
Ronny Agustinus (Indonesia); Writer and Publisher
Dave Lumenta (Indonesia); Anthropologist
Azar Mahmoudin ( Iran); Curator

Freddy/ Quame on the loose